Rose, a portrait of my daughter 2021

Art. Craft. Reinvention.

By Chiara Mangiameli - formerly Studio Mangiameli

Kiki was my nickname all through my childhood. Somewhere along the way and through moves across oceans It got lost like the stuffed animal that gets left behind at the shopping mall... You mourn it for a while but then you forget it was ever that important to you.

Recently and to my surprise, I found Kiki under a pile of photographs and forty-something year-old memories. It was like she never left. She settled comfortably in my pile of yarn and started playing. She played like she used to when she was a child: pouring herself into each little creation; using her hands to make things as she saw them.

 Kiki was a reminder of my own authenticity; a reminder that the very act of creating provides a space where one's truth and beauty are most often found. 

I hope you'll come along with us in this ever-evolving journey...