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Hi, I'm Kiki!

I make wearable art for the not so faint of heart...

I never imagined that after twenty years as a performer I would trade in my dancing shoes for yarn. But embracing change can forge a pathway to one’s own authenticity; a reminder that the very act of creating provides a space where one’s truth and beauty are most often found.


Now, instead of rhythms and beats, I work with the weight and feel of different yarns. I find a way to fit them together that is all my own: hand knit luxury wool and natural fibers braided in the shape of a necklace; cowls and scarves adorned with a cascade of  fringe and bold, colorful earrings influenced by the drama and colors of flamenco.  I love COLOR and TEXTURE first and foremost, as a way to express emotions, moods and personality.


I see knitting as straddling the past and the present, attempting to reconcile one with the other through a reinterpretation of tradition. I strive to make make something that is an expression, in color and pattern, of what it feels like to be alive in all its beauty, contradictions and colors.


My name is Kiki. I hope you will follow me in this ever-evolving journey…

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